Ruins of Ner Montu

All he can feel is fire.
The heat surrounds him, engulfing his senses, yet his flesh doesn’t burnnot here, not anymore.
Instead of surges of adrenaline, equal parts pain and passion, he simply feels… comfort.
The warmth spreads through his body, dispelling his doubts and wiping away the shadows of his past.
On some level, it makes sense, doesn’t it?
He was born in fire, so it’s only natural that fire is his fate.

I’m currently writing a story. Right now, I’ve decided to name it “Ruins of Ner Montu”, however the name of the story, as well as everything else about it, may change as I write. I hope to self-publish this at some point, but that’s still a long ways off. Feel free to read through what I’ve got so far, and give me feedback if you have a means of doing so, but again, keep in mind that everything here is still a work-in-progress. Also, please don’t steal my work, or post it elsewhere without my permission. As it stands, there’s not really all that much to steal, but hey, maybe saying that now will save me a headache later.

The chapters are currently in the order that I wrote them in, which is not necessarily chronological in-universe, nor their final story order.